Cannons Point on St Simons Island SAVED!

by Midi on January 8, 2011

Thanks Hank Paulson, Jr.  St Simons Island is lucky to have friends with deep pockets…

In the disintegration of the Sea Island empire… one of the victims was an untouched, beautiful 600 acre tract of land called Cannon’s Point on the north end of St. Simons Island.   Property owners across Jones Creek from Cannon’s Point had always rested easy knowing that if and when Sea Island Co. developed Cannon’s Point, they would, in all likelihood, develop something tasteful and non-offensive.  When Wells Fargo became the owners… that likelihood was no longer guaranteed.  Things could have gone very differently.

Well, according to

The San-Francisco-based bank and the Bobolink Foundation, whose trustees include former Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. and his wife Wendy, said on Monday that the land, known as Cannon’s Point peninsula, will be set aside as a public preserve. A deal for conserving the undeveloped property was reached with the foundation, A.D. (Pete) Correll, the former CEO of Georgia Pacific, and the Saint Simons Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, other community members and agencies.

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As a little background – this isn’t Mr. Paulson’ first foray into St. Simons Island preservation.  According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Paulson and his wife owns three fourths of Little St. Simons Island – a small private island east of Cannon’s point and north of Sea Island once owned by the founder of the Eagle Pencil Co. and his descendants and home of the Lodge at Little St Simons – through a holding company, Whimbrel LLC. While different owners might have viewed the small island known as one of the best birding spots on the East Coast with an eye for further development, it has been said that the current owners want to keep the quiet, low-keyed, natural feel of the island as it is.

My in-laws have a view of Cannon’s Point from across the marsh and Jones Creek.  I’m sure they’re relieved to know that view will be protected for the foreseeable future.  I know I’m glad that I’ll be able to enjoy their view as well!

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